Our Little Life by the Sea

#365 Week 1/52

My first link up with #project 365 with this blog. I linked up last year with Ickle Pickles blog and I loved it. This year, project 365 on that blog will be completely about Pickle, giving me the delicious freedom to post what I want on this blog!


1 January saw the New Years Day Swim in Saundersfoot. The village was jam packed, as it is every year. Hundreds and hundreds of mad people ran into the sea for various charities. We go and watch every year, but none of us have ever done it!


project 365

2 January was a beautiful sunny day, and we went for a lovely walk on the beach. Pickle loves the beach!


project 365


January 3 and the colour of the sky as the sun set was stunning, as was the almost full moon. This is the best I could capture on my phone.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky




  1. Jo Laybourn

    Wow, so many people on the beach on New Years Day! Happy New year Kaz x

  2. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    Really lovely photos – and I love that capture of the sunset. Blimey those swimmers were brave! :) #Project365

  3. TheBoyandMe

    Beautiful coloours in the sky, love the photo on the beach!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. Nortonmum

    I would love to see the New Years Day swim, but love the empty beach more.

  5. The Mummy Diary

    Ooh New Years Day swim sounds super chilly, rather them than me ;) Beautiful pictures and it sounds like you had a wonderful start to the new year. #magicmoments

  6. ReneƩ @ Mummy Tries

    What a lovely start to the new year you’ve all had. Hope 2015 is fabulous :-) #magicmoments

  7. Rachel Cotterill

    Happy new year! :-)

  8. fashion-mommy

    Gorgeous pictures, love the one of the sunset in particular.


  9. chantelle hazelden

    some beautiful photos captured and it’s only the first week :)

  10. Erica Price

    So many people swimming in the sea. Brrr!

  11. Merlinda (@pixiedusk)

    We love the beach as well! Hopefully we can have a walk later after our school run =)


  12. Kerry

    Aaaah I really miss living by the beach! I crave to go there all year round. Lovely pics, Happy New Year to you all x

  13. Notmyyearoff

    The sky looks stunning in all your pics, and its SO hard to get a moon shot. I know as I kept trying yesterday and just kept getting a ball of blur!

  14. Rachel Simons

    Gorgeous photo of the sun setting. Wow those swimmers must have been freezing

  15. Mama Owl | Jooleroo

    Lovely pictures, a very happy new year to you and yours

  16. Coombemill

    So lovely to get out over the festive break and breath in the sea air. #MagicMoments

  17. Louisa

    Gosh, they were so brave to run into the sea! Happy new year x

  18. Emma Wright

    Great pics. I want to be on that beach!!!

  19. Polly

    Wow those swimmers must be crazy. Great photos xx

  20. Em Barber

    Lovely shot on the beach!! :)

  21. Kim Carberry

    What lovely but different photos of the beach! Gorgeous x

  22. Hannah | MakeDo&Push

    Gorgeous beach photos! Love the new blog :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  23. Lorna Davis

    I love your photos. the sunsets are so lovely this time of year aren’t they?

  24. life as our little family

    I love the moon shot. Apologies for the delay, it has been a long week of work. KA

  25. Charlotte

    Love the idea of this linky and wish I could commit to joining in! Know I would miss days though and feel bad. Love the beach photo! x


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