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#365 Week 2/52

project 365

4 January I went to one of my favourite shops with Lea and Pickle, and met my parents. The have the loveliest quote art there.

5 January saw the arrival of my Samsung Galaxy Tab. It was that or an iPad mini and I am a bit disillusioned with Apple at the moment.

6 January and Easter chocolate is on sale! No wonder we feel like life is rushing on!

project 365

On 7 January my blog badge arrived, I am so excited! I am going to two big blog events already this year, through my other blog. I will wear this with pride! I had the all clear from an eye test – a mark on the back of my eye is a freckle!

8 January had an amazing sunset again. I was driving home and this is the best Lea could grab on my phone.

On 9 January I made Lea very happy by buying tickets for her and Amy to see Charli XCX in Manchester at Easter. A wet and stormy afternoon and evening.

project 365

10 January saw me taking stock of my blogging tools! As in, how many devices do I need? I am trying to plan a way of using them effectively to save me time! By the way, l love the Galaxy!

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  1. 76sunflowers

    Gosh, two project 365s on the go!? I’m impressed! I was shocked with Easter biscuits in store recently and the OH bought hot cross buns today?! The final picture is definitely a sign of modern times! :)

  2. Em Barber

    Easter in the shops already, wow. We’ve still got xmas choccies to get through yet! That’s a lovely photo of the sunset, what was it taken on? The galaxy? (no idea if that is a phone, technology moves so fast I can’t keep track!)

  3. Emma T

    Galaxy lover here too, now debating my next phone because my S3 is now nearly 3 years old, and although I’ve got a new battery, it’s a little on the slow side.

    Hope to meet you at one of the blog events. #365

  4. Mandi

    Lovely sunset. I will follow with interest, after three years of blogging I still haven’t worked out what blogging tools help the most!!

  5. Kim Carberry

    Fantastic photos! I do love your blogging badge x

  6. amanda walsh

    It really irritates me when the shops crack out the Easter Chocolate on Boxing day, wishing the year away :(

  7. Zena's Suitcase

    I really love your blog badge! I need one! #project365

  8. Candace

    The Easter eggs in shops just as we pack away the Christmas decks drives me potty! #Project 365

  9. Rachel Simons

    I was shocked on Boxing Day when I saw creme eggs in the shops


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