Our Little Life by the Sea

#365 Week 3#52









Sunday – had to go into Tenby, couldn’t resist this! I love quotes in every form!

Monday – headed off to Bluestone Wales, full reviews are over on The Little Life of Ickle Pickle. I got so excited to see this welcome pack!

Tuesday – I had to work, but it was holding a relaxation session at my local cancer support centre, which I have done for over 5 years. and then making up my well being sprays, both jobs that I love!

Wednesday – about time we sniffed out a quaint coffees shop in The Village at Bluestone, and we did! Millers Bakery had lush coffee and muffins. I was a happy bunny!

Thursday – After sleeping in the most comfortable bed ever, Pickle and I enjoyed some early morning cuddles.

Friday – Home :( But I came home to 5 parcels of review products which made me feel a bit better!

Saturday – went shopping with the aim of returning a jumper Lea had for Christmas because they left the security tag on! I forgot to take the jumper ggrrrrr! My Luke is becoming a little superstar with his drawings of super heroes. I managed to prise him off his iPad to come with us – rare indeed!

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  1. chickenruby

    i love the selfie, the clothes are fab, when i try dresses with tights i end up looking like a 5 year old, you’ve carried it off really well

    1. Ickle Pickles Mummy (Post author)

      Why thank you! They are leggings actually, I’m not a huge fan of tights x

  2. Kim Carberry

    What wonderful photos!
    I too love quotes like that!

    1. Ickle Pickles Mummy (Post author)

      Thank you :) I love quotes that either make me think, or make me smile! x

  3. Janice Mackin

    Parcels always cheer me up! The superhero drawing is fab!

  4. Rachel

    Wow what an amazing drawing he is so talented. :)


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