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My New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Well, my new shiny blog is here, albeit very bare and simple at the moment. I have some simple New Years Resolutions, and I really hope I stick to them! Being a Gemini, I am very much a butterfly, and I tend to flit from one thing to another, but what I love about blogging is that I can write what I want, when I want, and not at all if I don’t want to! I can choose what to write about (I am not very good at being told what to do!) Anyway, here they are…


1. To resurrect my mindfulness practice. I was fully mindful during my pregnancy with Pickle, and it made a huge difference to my stress levels, my family’s harmony, and my life! That is partly why, I am convinced, he is so chilled and placid.

2. To LISTEN. I have a HNC in Integrative Counselling, and during my training, we were taught all about active listening, and, believe me, it makes a huge difference to how you react, and are reacted to.

3. To blog full time. I worked out that I already squeeze in at least 35 hours a week blogging! I couldn’t believe it! So when Pickle starts a little playgroup this term at some point, I will have more time too! (In theory!)

4. To be more hands on with Pickle – involving the others too of course! When my other children were very young, I felt I couldn’t really get messy because their dad would have gone mad, so I really want to do it this time! I want us to paint, to bake, to make and create. I can’t wait! And no-one can tell me off!

5. To be more ‘adult’. I am close to my children, sometimes it seems we are friends first, which is lovely, but tricky when it comes to discipline. So, I want to, in a non-shouty, non-aggresive way, be more ‘adult’ when appropriate.


That’ll do for now! Have you made any?


Kaz x

The List


  1. The L's Mum

    Great resolutions. I want to be a bit more crafty with my little boy and get comfortable with “mess” and “messy play.” I hope you have a wonderful year and I love the new blog.

  2. Spidermummy

    Great post and really lovely resolutions. I like the listening one particularly, that was one of mine for 2014 and I tried really hard at it, I shall endeavour to continue! Happy new Year! x

  3. You Baby Me Mummy

    I enjoyed reading this. A really lovely set of resolutions, all the best for 2015 & thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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