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Saving for Christmas 2015

This time every year, I vow to start saving now for next Christmas, so I don’t have a panic at the huge cost of it all. Every year,I think – ‘Oh I’ll start next week…. next month… ‘ and it doesn’t happen. Well I am determined this year will be different. I have a few small ideas that I have started already, and would love to know any ideas you my have too.


1.I am going to save all  my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and convert them into the on line Clubcard deals, which are usually three or four times the value. I can buy magazine subscriptions and days out vouchers for presents. They are also great when they have the events that double the value in store, usually toys and clothing are included.

2. The same with my Boots Advantage Card points. I will use them to buy gifts on the 3 for 2 promotions leading up to Christmas.

3. I have Costa Coffee loyalty card and I am saving the points up for December, so I can have a free lunch (or two!)

4. I am looking into Park Catalogue and their schemes for saving for next Christmas. Or I might set up a DD to pay to my mum for her to keep the money for me. Even £5 a week over 45 weeks adds up to well over £200.

5. I will get my supermarkets savings cards and I WILL buy two £1 stamps a week. That will be almost £100 towards Christmas food and drink.

This may not sound a lot, but I know from past years that if I aim high and am too ambitious, it doesn’t happen! This will certainly be a big help anyway.

What are your tips for saving for next Christmas?

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    It does mount up, I buy a few stamps in Morrisons, had £70 last year. Their new points and more scheme is good as well. I buy the odd scratch card, and if I win I keep it and save it for something, have £3 in the safe so far this year.Why not find out if you have a local credit union, I get money taken off my wage every month so dont even have a choice to not pay it this month.
    I keep my club card vouchers as well and double them up and get the kids pj’s and slippers with them every year, it a makes a difference.
    Also if you have an iceland bonus card you can add a £1 or £2 to it when ever you are in

  2. Gabby

    The little things all add up! I’m doing a 52 week money saving challenge this year which I found online here…. http://www.allthingsmw.com/52-week-money-challenge/

  3. Betty and the Bumps

    For the first time ever we put money aside for Christmas in one of those Terramundi piggy banks and, even though it wasn’t much, that cash came in really handy.

    We’re going to do it again and I found it successful because previously I was transferring money from our joint account into an old savings account but whenever we were feeling the pinch I wound transfer it back in? But the “old-fashioned” way meant that I couldn’t get my hands on my money unless we smashed the pot.

    I also like the Clubcard idea. The deals you can get on hotels online are amazing! Not strictly Christmas related though ;-)


  4. Ness (@JibberJabberUK)

    I’m all for saving whether in big or small ways. These are all great ideas which don’t seem too scary or unmanageable. I hope you have a good amount by December.

  5. Mummy Fever

    All great tips. Have you looked at joining Shop and Scan? I am a member of this and I convert my points to Amazon and Argos vouchers and spend them at Christmas.

  6. Katrina Chambers

    I do a couple of things, firstly I purchase amazon vouchers for myself through the year (as a big majority of my presents are purchased through amazon). We have an “Christmas fund” savings account which regular money goes to every month and finally, I purchase gifts when I see them for christmas all through the year, whether they are bought in the Jan sales, on holiday at little gift shops, antique fairs, craft fairs, sunday markets, and NCT sales.

    Good for you for starting your planning now, great ideas there.
    Kat x

  7. Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

    I am the same every single year i say i will save for christmas and it never ever happens. I saved my clubcard vouchers last year and i managed get some nice things in the clubcard boost before christmas. I keep saying i will save supermarket vouchers too but i never do i must start doing that. You have some great ideas for saving xx #TheList

  8. Amy

    Absolutely love the idea of the supermarket stamps-I actually had no idea you could do that but I’m definitely going to do it. Thank you! x

  9. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    What great ideas. I tend to sale shop but do find that the gifts I get then go towards birthday presents throughout the year! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo

  10. FromMummytoMum

    I always to the Christmas Savings scheme with Tesco Clubcard and my points then get doubled in the double up promotion they do. I have started this year with the Tesco stamps and i do the park vouchers I get £400 and pay £40 a month.

    I am also putting any loose change in a jar just for some extras.

  11. Emily

    Some great ideas here. I think I’ll put some money aside each month and make use of my boots card too. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  12. Louisa

    Some great ideas.I am saving up all my Morrisons reward vouchers, they have a really long expiry date and will keep down my xmas food shop. I’m also putting a little into my savings account when I have spare. little and often is more acheivable for me #binkylinky

  13. You Baby Me Mummy

    For the last two years we have collected our clubcard vouchers and then bought Baby’s present when they are offering double points on toys. Last year we got her a wooden swing and this year she has an 8ft trampoline and it didn’t cost us anything. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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