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Word of the Week 2

My word of the week this week is:

word of the week

I don’t mean a gift, I mean to be present. In the moment. In the now. Focusing on this very moment, on what we are doing. Who we are with. What they are saying. What are we hearing.

Using my senses. What can I hear? See? Smell? Taste? Touch?

How many times a day do you miss the moment? You didn’t hear your toddler trying to talk you. You didn’t taste your coffee. You didn’t see the rainbow or the new flower bud. You Didn’t feel the sun on your face, or the refreshing rain on your skin.

Some-one asks you ‘What did you do today?’ You go to reply, but wait, you think to yourself – actually, what did I do today?

I am going to be more present. With Pickle and my other children. With my mum and dad. With my friends. With life.

How present are you?


The Reading Residence


  1. The Reading Residence

    Great word and sentiment. I know I’m guilty of often being elsewhere, thinking of things that need to be done, instead of living in that very moment. Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Ickle Pickles Mummy (Post author)

    I am so aware of the difference being present makes, I am determined to do it more! x

  3. Bloggermummylauren

    I know I am guilty of being a bit absent sometimes, muttering yes dear, in a minute, maybe later… All the while my mind is elsewhere. Great word, I have made a bit of a promise to myself to be a bit more present too x


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