Our Little Life by the Sea

#365 Week #4/5/6/7/52

What a cold week! But no snow. Living close to the sea is lovely, but we never get any snow.


18/1/15 It was my parents Wedding Anniversary on Sunday – we met up for lunch which was lovely. I don’t ‘do’ anniversaries – I guess it is because I don’t have one!

19/1/15 Monday – some lovely deliveries for Pickle to review, he even asks now ‘Is that for me!’ We overslept, the alarm failed :( I have such a lot of blog posts and reviews to write up, I went to my parents in the afternoon, they play with Pickle – and he has a good sleep so I can work.

20/1/15 On Tuesday I took Pickle to mums and went to my relaxation class that I hold, I love it. It was so very cold again, and heavy showers too. No snow!! More of my well being sprays to make up in the afternoon. The house smells gorgeous!

21/1/15 Wednesday saw a lovely catch up with my great friend Jane – who we all call Granny Jane, she is  like my second mum. Pickle and I then went to mums again, I am trying to comment on linky posts more, but, gosh it takes time!


22/1/15 Thursday – dash to Carmarthen to get a security tage removed from a jumper I bought for Lea for Christmas. And more elastics for her brace.

23/1/15 Friday – My nephews 19th birthday! 19? I was there at his birth, and the first one to hold him. We are very close. I had a meeting in the morning with Lucy – I manage the social media accounts for her holiday business. I then went home with Pickle to get some work done whilst he slept. We met my nephew for coffee, then went there for dinner. We stayed at my mums.

24/1/15 Saturday – I wanted a day for Pickle, as it was such a beautiful day. We had a lovely seafront walk, a drive out to a new cafe, which has a great play corner for Pickle, and the most amazing food and coffee! Back to Saundersfoot for a romp on the beach!

25/1/15 Sunday, Saundersfoot again to pick Luke up from a sleep over, cuppa with mum and dad,


26/1/15 Monday – I took Pickle to the mother & toddler group in the activity centre, he is quite shy with other little ones, I am keen to get him socialising with other tots. He was worn out , so i took him to mums to sleep whilst I worked.

27/1/15 Tuesday – my day of work – Pickle at mums, me at the cancer centre then home to make up my spray orders, and blog! 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz, the children and had had quite a discussion – it was very emotional.

28/1/15 Wednesday – Pickle and I met with one of my dearest friends for a good catch up. We went into a new coffee shop – opening now at 8.30am! Unheard of in Tenby out of season! The breakfast (as a treat) was AMAZING!

29/1/15 Thursday – I offered to drive my dad to his eye check up at hospital. We went clothes shopping for Pickle – and had bargains from M&S and Tesco. I bought TWO pairs of winter boots (and a pack of 5 pairs of socks!) for…. £21!! Pickle had a set of four fab tops with monsters on for £12 – in M&S!


30/1/15 Friday – Met Jane briefly then picked mum up from work, it was freezing cold with wintery showers. I went to mums with Pickle, he had a good sleep so I blogged then we had a lovely time playing with PlayDo. I get such a lovely feeling when I play with him – all too often I have to juggle work too.

31/1/15 Saturday – Carmarthen to sort out Lukes broken phone. Waste of time in Tesco Phone Shop – eventually they said a new one would be delivered Tuesday but I will believe it when I see it! We only had it on 5 January! Awful heavy hail showers, the car slipped a bit on the way there – I hate that. A terrible car crash on the way home – I hope no one was badly hurt. Two cars quite badly smashed – but yards apart both caught in the central reservation barrier. I always thank my Guardian Angels for keeping us safe.





1/2/15 – 14/2/15. February! Where did January go? I have fallen way behind with my #365 posts – this one has a months worth of photos! February so far has been freezing cold, but with mostly dry, sunny days.

The 5th saw me receiving an email to tell me I had been chosen as a Britax Mumbassador! I was so excited! I have also secured my sponsors for Britmums Live 2015 – already! Maverick Books, Skibz Bibs and this week, Stamptastic Ltd. I am SO chuffed!

My eldest came home from Uni on 6th February, she has been having a tricky time and it was so good to just have her home, to spoil, cuddle and enjoy her company. We havespent lots of time with her, which Pickle have LOVED!
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  1. Erica Price

    Well done on becoming a brand ambassador. Must have been annoying to have to go back to the shop to get the tag removed – I hate that, but at least the shops are quite close for me.

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    Gosh you make me tired just reading rushing here and rushing there. I agree it is fab to live near the beach, lots of lovely pictures to share, I really like the 8th Feb pic with all your shadows in a line on the beach.
    I am with you I don’t do anniversaries or birthdays or Valentines for that matter and I do have one, its the little things tat matter. n
    Nice to have them all back under the roof for once.
    Thank you for linking to Project 365

  3. Lystra Maisey

    Hello there, well done on the brand news-I don’t know how you find the time to fit everything in, you are making me feel tired just reading this! Congratulations, and I hope you get a chance to put your feet up a bit in February! x #magicmoments

  4. You Baby Me Mummy

    What a great week, well done on all your blogging things. I am so envious of where you live x

  5. fashion-mommy

    You’ve had a very busy but very rewarding few weeks. Congrats on your Britmums sponsorship – I’ve only ever been the once as we go away on holiday that weekend for the last few years, but it was fun.


  6. Coombe Mill

    With all that going on I can see why you’ve not been keeping up with your 365 pictures. It looks like you’ve been rushed off your feet. Popping over from Magic Moments.

  7. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk)

    We live on the other side if you beach! Yes no snow at all. But at least we always have pretty sunset =) #magicmoments


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