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Be Your Own Valentine

This is the first Valentines Day for as long as I can remember – at least 20 years – that I will be on my own.

Now, most of the time since my big break up last Summer, I am ok. I am actually pretty happy on my own,  I have become used to making my own choices about everything, and my life is so full with my wonderful children.

In most ways, life is better without my ex, but even I am starting to get a bit narked with all the Valentines Day hype.

I had never noticed in previous years all the gush everywhere – in the shops, on the TV, in the press, and of course on the Internet. What to buy, where to go, how to celebrate…….but what if you have no Valentine?

Here are a few ideas, and whatever you do, have a great Valentines Day :D

valentines day

Be your own Valentine! Buy yourself some flowers, chocolates, or treat yourself to a little gift. You deserve it!

Grab your single girlfriends and arrange a lovely meal together – in one of your homes to
avoid all the slush outside! Have a sleepover!

Grab your kids and get a good movie, your favourite treats or takeaway and have a giant
unconditional Cwtch! Pure love!

Cuddle up with your cat or dog!

Totally on your own? Relish it! Spend the night / day doing exactly what you want. No-one to tell you what to do! Heaven!

What will I be doing? I will be spending the day with my rays of sunshine – my children. We are going away for a couple of days the day after so we will be getting ready for that!
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  1. Nin

    I don’t really do anything on valentines day with my fiancee, maybe cook a nice meal but nothing we wouldn’t do as a treat normally, I’d probably do more if I was single, def order myself a chinese & have a netflix marathon! Hahaha. So glad that after a long term relationship split you’re in a good place and feeling positive, inspirational and showing your little ones the right approach, amazing job! xx


  2. Lilinha Espindula

    We usually spend Valentine’s Day in with a home cooked meal, however this year our son asked if we could all go out together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is a lovely idea to be your own Valentine and to spend it how you wish x

  3. Jess Paterson

    I agree, there does seem to be more hype this year – I think as bloggers we are more exposed to it as everyone is doing Valentines posts (disclaimer: I’ve done one too but it is massively unromantic – about having rats in the loft!). Have a lovely day with your rays of sunshine, and enjoy your time away! x #sharewithme

  4. yanique

    I am a fan of being your own Valentine. You know the perfect gift to get yourself and won’t have to pretend to like something when you don’t! I’m not so much into Valentine’s Day anymore, especially after the holiday hustle and bustle in December. It just all feels so overwhelming. I’m content staying home with the kids and watching romantic comedies with the hubby when they go to sleep :-)

  5. Jenny

    We have never been big on valentine’s day. no presents ever and maybe a card in the first few years of marriage but it’s just a media game anyways to make mega bucks. I say buy yourself something amazing and spoil yourself and ignore all the hype. My hubby and I will probably do what we always do me on the laptop blogging and him on his ipad working too. It must be hard or at least annoying though it so in your face everywhere. Bless. Roll on Sunday for you when it’s all Sunday trash!!!Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  6. FromMummytoMum

    I am not a big fan of valentines day, I tell hubby everyday how much he means to me, we don’t need a day to tell each other that. But I do normally do something for him – nothing major, nothing expensive just a little token. I hate seeing all of the valentines stuff around – and it is mainly aimed gifts for women like men are expected to get something special! Just another day in this house!

  7. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

    I’ve just realised that the husband is off out on Valentine’s day without me! Good job we don’t do Valentine’s I think I’ll be my own Valentine’s with a big fat takeaway and watch twilight!!!!

  8. Life with Six Kids

    I am also on my own after 20 years of marriage. Not going to be easy but going to try and enjoy all the positives and maybe even buy myself a little treat for surviving the last year :)


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