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Boys will be Boys

I am so blessed to have two boys (and two girls), and I mean that, I really AM blessed. They are all healthy, beautiful, kind, and thoughtful.

My two eldest are girls, my eldest son is 13 this summer.

I love him dearly. I adore him. I really do.

But, oh my gosh, he drives me mental!

He is displaying increasing signs of what I call ‘maleness’ every day.

Until last summer, I thought certain characteristics that I had come across in the men in my life (ex-partner, ex-husband, dad etc) were MEN things. I am now realising they are MALE things, even in my young son.

my sons

My boys


These things are …

1.The ability to completely tune out of all his surroundings, no matter now noisy or demanding and be totally absorbed in whatever he is doing.

2.The inability to carry, remember and execute more than a couple of requests at a time. (NOTE this has NOTHING to do with intelligence).

3.The inability to see the very thing I have asked him to get, unless it is literally jumping up and down, waving, singing and dancing, carrying a named sign.

4.If he gets an idea in his head, either of something he wants to do, or something he wants. he will NOT let up until – A. I explode into a shrieking banshee, or B. I give in.

5.His total lack of seeing fridge door left open, light left on, tap left running etc. despite being told a hundred times a day!

I find myself saying to him ‘You are SUCH a boy!’ To which he replies ‘Well of course I am! What else am I meant to be!’

But, despite all this maleness, which, bless him, he simply cannot help, I love him with every fibre in my body. He is kind, gentle, loving, sweet, generous, and great company.

As I’ve told him from when he was born,

I love you to the moon and back x x x

PS –┬áPickle, at the tender age of 2 is already displaying the maleness in him! I am learning to embrace it!


  1. Laura

    I totally agree with this and even though my little man is only 4.5yrs old he displays some of these traits as well – especially zoning out – usually when I am trying to say something important and only focusing on what he is doing. As well as getting an idea in his head – it’s his was or a melt down – oh well boys will be boys

    Laura x

  2. Gemma

    haha I definitely recognise a few traits there.My brother always hated homework, he would lose focus after about 10 minutes and want to go and some something else.


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