Our Little Life by the Sea

If I won the lottery

Most of us daydream, don’t we?

I think we need daydreams to drive us, to motivate us to reach for our goals.

I am so blessed, with good health, and four beautiful, healthy, bright children.

I have a car, my own home, enough food to eat, clothes to wear, a mobile phone and other gadgets.

I live in a beautiful safe place, near the sea, going on the beach most days.

stackpole quay, pembrokeshire

But what would I do if I won the lottery?

I would trade in my car, which is my battered work horse, for a newer one.

I would buy a bigger house over looking the sea, with a bedroom for everyone.

I would buy my eldest daughter driving lessons and a car.

I would buy my eldest a chic flat in Bristol.

I would buy investments for my other children.

I would clear my mum and dads debts, and book them a holiday to Switzerland.

I would pay off my sister and brother-in-law’s house for them.

I would book several family holidays including a Royal Caribbean Cruise and Disney World in Florida.

I would set up a Holistic Healing Centre for the terminally ill and cancer sufferers.

Gosh! I better start buying my online lottery tickets!

What would you do if you won the lottery?


  1. Kate Thompson

    I won £10 the first week the lottery ran and haven’t played since! I thought I should quit whilst I was ahead lol….. I like your choices. I would pay for us to have genetic testing in the USA and find out the answer to our health issues I think!

  2. angela hamilton

    I love what you would do.
    I would buy a bigger house, (in a flat just now) pay off our debts and my parents, buy them a bungalow, buy a caravan at our fave holiday park, learn to drive, give to charity, put money aside for my childrens future
    not that I have thought about it haha x

  3. Ness

    My daughter would definitely want the big house by the beach!

  4. Rachel

    I would buy a cattery to care for and love unwanted and abandoned cats and possibly a farm x

  5. Globalmouse

    Some great choices, mine would be pretty similar….buy a big house and go on as many travels as I could!!

  6. Michelle

    What a great list! I should do the lottery really too! xx

  7. Sarah Bailey

    Great list, wouldn’t it be wonderful to win the lottery! x

  8. Mummys little blog

    great list there if only. i would buy a house and furnish it go on many holidays and enjoy it all.


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