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My 5 Top Tips for Blog Etiquette

Ok, now I’ve been blogging for over 14 months, and I thought I’d share some blog niggles with you, to help you avoid annoying other bloggers. PLEASE these are MY thoughts only, from my own experience, and observing others. You might have completely different opinions and experiences, and that’s fine :)

blog etiquette

1. Don’t leave your URL / blog link in your comments. Apparently it’s bad SEO for you and the host, and it is annoying.
2. If you join in a linky, and there is a badge, add it to your post, wherever possible. If I haven’t managed to, I usually tweet the host to say so, then add as soon as I can.
3. If you join in linkys, do comment on a few others at least . You may think no one notices if you don’t, but they do!
4. Don’t cover your blog with adverts – banners, pop ups, they are really annoying, and can make people leave your blog

5. Don’t judge what other people write / are happy to support on their blog. We are all different, and they’re not harming you are they!

Have you anything to add?

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  1. Erica Price

    I like to see some commenting back – not everytime perhaps (life can get in the way), but sometimes.

    1. Baby Isabella

      totally agree! It’s nice to comment back…yes life does get in the way too

  2. Emma | The Mini Mes and Me

    I hate Captcha – that needs to go haha! x

  3. Laura

    Great post, thanks for sharing :)
    I think there has to be a basic etiquette to follow, it’s such a big community these days!

  4. Abi

    Like Erica it’s nice when people comment back but mainly so you know you’re not talking to yourself lol


  5. Liz Burton

    I think some basic courtesy is important to keep the community strong and healthy.

  6. angela hamilton

    If someone comments on my posts I always reply then comment back on their blog as it builds good relationships and it is only fair to be nice back

  7. mama syder

    Great advice, especially number 5, it always annoys me when I see someone criticising another persons blog or moan about what they have written. We are all unique with different views and life experiences x

  8. Sarah Bailey

    Turning Captcha off has to be one for me also not having music playing as I jump out my skin if I’ve accidently left the sound on. x

  9. Eimear

    Great tips – have to say I don’t think people in linkys are great for commenting back, I comment on lots and if I get one response on my post I’m lucky! But I’m a newbie, I’ll get there! Its still a great way of finding new bloggers for my own learning! #brillblogposts

  10. lisa prince

    some great tips i think the leaving the links was a hard one but still up for discussion with most bloggers i always leave mine in the comment field which is aloud but some dont have this option so i dont think its too bad for that occasion

  11. Penny

    Totally agree about Captcha, I don’t mind logging in to comment on a post, but don’t make me jump through extra hoops because you (generic) find it too much effort to monitor for spam.

    I also hate pop ups, especially if they’re right in the middle of the page and grey out everything else. I have never signed up on one of those yet and never will, mostly because I’m stubborn, hehe.

  12. Louisa

    I’m not a fan of captcha. I always try and comment back on people who have taken the time to leave a comment on my blog.

  13. mummy tries

    I didn’t realise that leaving a URL in a comment was bad SEO, I sometimes leave links if a post really resonates with me and I’ve also written about the topic myself…

    Good tips, I agree that it’s poor form to join linkies if you aren’t going to comment on a handful of other blogs #brilliantblogposts

  14. Emma

    Not having Name / URL option for commenting. I cant comment otherwise gah!

  15. Nell@PigeonPairandMe.com

    Some good tips here. I’d say it’s wise to be as social as possible, and give more (comments etc) than you expect to receive. You’ll get the pay-off eventually!

  16. Charlotte Oates

    Some good points, especially about people not playing by linky rules. I run a linkup on my blog and it’s so disheartening to see that some haven’t displayed the badge or bothered to go and comment. It’s supposed to be a bit of fun and you feel like those people are taking advantage. Fortunately I’ve got a core of fabulous people that link up now which is brilliant and makes it worthwhile #brilliantblogposts

  17. Ashley Beolens

    I hate people link dumping in my comments (I offer comment luv so really no point) and will mark them as spam if they do because that is how they come across :)

    I agree with this list fully :)

  18. Another Bun

    I always try and reciprocate comments if I can as I know how much I love getting them! Popping over from #TheList

  19. Izzie Anderton

    There are some great tips here and I’d say that blogging is all about sharing the love with fellow bloggers. I try to comment on blogs from anyone who’s been kind enough to leave a comment over on mine – it seems like the right thing to do :o)

  20. Jules

    Yep agree with the list, especially not using linkies properly. It’s very unfair not to comment on others. I know life gets in the way and it might be delayed but still needs doing. I’d also say replying to all comments. If someone’s taken the time to comment on your port it should be acknowledged

  21. Cathy

    All good points. There are so many blogs out there to read and enjoy. I’m glad I’ve discovered yours this morning.

  22. Leandra

    Great list! I’m so with you on the linky ones, no badge and no comments really annoy me! It’s like they want something for nothing!

    Visiting from #binkylinky x

  23. Laura's Lovely Blog

    I agree with others in that it’s nice to see people commenting back when you comment on their blogs. I loathe captcha and it will make me not comment. For people who use blogger I wish they all had the option to comment with name and URL :)

  24. Leigh - Headspace Perspective

    A bit of etiquette with blogging is good – rules of thumb rather than ‘rules’ – good manners really. Agree with the above. Captcha and pop ups are other minor annoyances. xx #PoCoLo

  25. Christine Kenny

    Some great tips. Thanks for sharing with us.

  26. K @ Eat.Love.Live

    Thank you for sharing. Being a newby blogger myself, I’m still trying to learn the ropes so blog posts like this are very useful #thelist x

  27. Ali

    This is great, I’d like to write a post about blog help for new bloggers as I’ve written a similar piece on how to join a blog link up. Would you mind if I added this to the list? #binkylinky

  28. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk)

    Commenting back would be very very appreciated on Linkys

  29. suzanne3childrenandit

    Don’t leave the hashtag with the linky that you’ve come from at the end of your comment eg #thelist – it’s annoying and looks as though you’re only commenting cos you have to! Agree wholeheartedly with all five :)

  30. christina

    Great tips! We haven’t had the link in comments thing yet, but I can see how that would be annoying!
    I totally agree on the pop up ads, so frustrating and busy when you are trying to read!!
    Thanks for sharing! #PoCoLo

  31. Sarah Howe

    Great tips! Think I’m not doing too bad with these! Hehe. I hate the pop ups too especially when I’m trying to read!! Xx #binkylinky

  32. Mummy Fever

    I agree about the badge – I think it is the least you can offer the host #BinkyLinky

  33. Ali

    Sensible tips – I always comment at least two other posts on a linky when I join – this is how I found your post! #binkylinky

  34. LittleOandm

    Great tips. If I don’t have the time to comment on linky’s then I don’t join in.
    #TheList xx

  35. HonestMum

    Fab post and made me laugh as you forgot to add my #brilliantblogposts badge but don’t worry I forgive you. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  36. Alice Megan

    Great post!
    I do differ with the blog comments though I like when people leave me their link i like to know where they’ve come from!

  37. Keri-Anne

    Commenting back on comments is very important i think. I always try to do it x

  38. Louise

    Fab post and I agree with this list. I didn’t realise leaving a URL in the comments was bad SEO so have learned something new. I definitely agree with the last one – if you don’t like someone’s blog and what they post on there you don’t have to read it so why be judgmental about it?

  39. Michelle

    I personally dislike music and popups!

  40. Emily

    Totally agree about leaving blog urls in comments. Really annoys me and I won’t publish comments with them in. Linky badges I don’t add purely because I’m so unorganised that I never know when any linkies are so I just link up to them when I see them and don’t have time to go back to a post to add the badge. It doesn’t bother me if people don’t add my linky badge on their blog, but I don’t like it when people pester me to add theirs because I’ve linked up! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  41. Globalmouse

    Good tips…it really annoys me when people drop their links all over their comments too!!

  42. Zena's Suitcase

    Fab things to avoid! I think we all did some stuff in the early days that was a bit annoying, and that’s probably worth remembering too. We all had to start somewhere so lets cut each other some slack when we don’t quite get it right #pocolo

  43. morna

    I feel like such a newbie! I don’t know what Captcha is, I’m pretty sure I don’t have it though since I get shed loads of spam on my blog – mainly about deer antler spray – I don’t know what that is either.

    I don’t like blogs where I have to go through a long and drawn out process before I can comment. Especially if I’m doing a linky where I’m supposed to comment on the post before mine and I have to spend 5 minutes telling them my entire family history before I can leave my comment. I will go to a lot of effort to comment on a post I have really enjoyed.

    I couldn’t add #TheList linky badge this time so I left a link but after reading this I will tweet the hosts too :)

  44. Tim

    While I understand the desire to filter out spam, Captcha is incredibly annoying – to the point where it actively puts me off commenting sometimes.

    Dump-and-run on linkies is also annoying. Sometimes life gets in the way and I will miss out commenting on a linky on a certain day, but as a rule I make a point of trying to at least read as many as I can and comment on at least 5 or 6 per linky.

  45. stacey

    Like many others have said I would like to see more comments back on posts, but now from my own experiences that it’s not always that easy with the obstacles that life throws at us. Sometimes I really enjoy reading post but can’t think of a suitable comment so I share the post on social media

  46. Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    I have a few niggles, blogs that use Google+ as their commenting system, blogs where you aren’t able to commeny using name/URL (which I think leads to your first point) and hosts not commenting on blogs that have linked up to their linky

  47. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    I totally agree on all of these points :) I also think leaving a URL in your comments makes it looks like you are forcing them to come back to your blog – and no one should feel that way! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  48. Lukeosaurus And Me

    I am totally guilty for leaving my link in the comments, I don’t consider it to be annoying really when people leave it on mine. Especially sites using Blogger where you can’t really be sure where the comments are coming from as comments are left through personal Goggle+ accounts and no website options are listed. I had no idea it was bad for SEO though, I suppose I never even considered the effect it would have. :/ Ray xx #binkylinky

  49. Shannan

    Good advice. Sometimes I hope I’m doing it right. Only been blogging for 4 months and still find it hard to get involved with all the linkys I like x

  50. Mrs Tubbs

    Thanks for this, it’s good to have a sense check every so often to ensure that you’re playing by the rules. I need to comment on visitor’s blood more, but apart from that, I’m good.

    I don’t like people who ask for a follow in exchange for a follow. #thelist

  51. You Baby Me Mummy

    Great tips. I agree with them all, Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  52. kidGLloves

    The Mother says – These are great tips and I think it’s about basic good manners when blogging. It was also reading the other comments from bloggers about these tips too. #pocolo

  53. Jaime Oliver

    I hate Captcha too and i also hate the plugins that share old post .. no one wants to read a christmas post in july .. maybe thats just me lol

  54. Jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I’ve been guilty of the badge thing, but in my defense I only just realized I could drag and drop instead of using shortcode! #newbie

  55. Pen

    Good tips. Thank you.

  56. Wave to Mummy

    Yep yep, although, I do have to admit I have broken 1, 2 and 3 on occasion. With leaving a link to your own blog, I don’t mind if people do that when they comment in my blog, but I personally would only link a specific and relevant post. With adding a badge and commenting on linkies – I try my best but sometimes life gets in the way! #thelist

  57. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

    i didn’t know that about SEO leaving links in comments, I don’t very often as I hate the way URLs look and it makes it spammy! I hate captcha. And I like when people reply to comments I’ve left on their blog, though at the minute I am running behind replying to my comments. #TheList

  58. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    Yes to all of the above. I don’t like captcha either. That’s rather annoying. Replying to comments too. I always do even if it takes me a while. It’s just a nice thing to do :) #PoCoLo

  59. Kara

    I hate blog pop-ups especially if I am on my phone

  60. Stephanie

    I’m nodding along to all of these, and the captcha one too. And my feelings on commenting on linky’s are if you’re not going to comment then don’t join in (and I know life gets in the way sometimes – and yes I’m commenting on a linky 4 days after it went live!) #thelist

  61. Adventures of a Novice Mum

    Yeah; good lessons learnt and shared. I’m sure all bloggers will agree with all your points. #TheList

  62. ERFmama

    Good points, but I don’t completely agree with them all. :)
    But that’s my opinion of course. :D I for example don’t mind pop ups, and have that my self. I also don’t mind music as long as I can t urn it off, but I have yet to arrive on a blog that had it haha.
    I HATE captcha so that we do agree on. :D
    As for commenting I try and comment back on everyone who comments on my blog, and I do agree that it’s quite dishearting seeing tons of comments on a blog post and not once has the owner of the blog responded.
    I do not always use the badge it self in my posts, especially when they are fairly large and take up too much room and I link up to several at a time, it just looks too cluttered and I don’t like it, I do however then leave links in stead to the link ups at the end of the post, which is basically the same. :)

    I always # where I am commenting from if I found the blog in a linky or from facebook etc, how else would anyone know where you came from? :)



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